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How Christian Legalism Creates a Culture of Sexual Abuse

“Jesus doesn’t need your reputation! Keeping things in the dark and allowing souls to be destroyed by abuse, that shames the Gospel. Jesus is all about transparency.” - Boz Tchividjian When I started writing this article, I thought I would be writing about sexual...

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5 Tips for Young Leaders & Why They Don’t Matter

I love business, and I love starting companies. When I was 16, I started a site called, Cross-Eyed Blog and Webzine. As time went on, that site merged into Latitude821, (based around Romans 8:21) and we made a strong run with a lot of great articles and even a small...

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Balancing Real Life and Digital Technology

It's hard keeping up with the internet. I've not posted on this blog since January 3, because it's hard to make time in my life to actually sit down and write something out, format it and get it online. I have a life away from the internet, a great accomplishment in...

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Five Lies Men Believe

You've probably heard a request for men to man up recently- on someone's Facebook, maybe in person, possibly even thrown at you, and something inside you wants to respond. There is an area in your life that is affected by the request, possibly many. Yet, your heart...

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“We’ve Been Wrong” -From a Christian

I've been hurt enough to see the term, "friend" as self righteous. I know the heart cry of people desiring to be treated as friends, when the term is thrown about so easily. I was a little hesitant to start this article calling you my friend, but I still want you feel...

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3 Steps to Avoid Internet Conflict

The internet could be easily described as a minefield and nobody walks through a maze of IEDs without getting hurt, or hurting someone else. Observing the minefield doesn't just happen once, your course must be charted each and every time you plan to cross it. In your...

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I’m an entrepreneur, creative director and business owner at Typeset Design. I’m married to my amazing wife, Hannah, and I’m also a dad to two beautiful kids, Evelyn and Lewis. I love Jesus, my kiddo, creativity, words, and people!