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World View: Seeking Grace and Truth in Our Common Life

Since the advent of blogging, books in column format have become much more accepted. They're short, they're easy to read, and they're unobtrusive. However, they're also generally sporadic. The authors have a hard time staying on track or keeping to the main theme-...

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Four Questions to Ask Before Diving Into a Crunchy Trend

My wife and I tend to be pretty healthy people. With my background in healthcare, and her background in being analytical, we’ve spent a lot of time examining health trends and learning about the ways that food interacts with our bodies. When our daughter Evie started...

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Spotify is (almost) Saving Humanity

I'm listening to classical music. Vivaldi's Four Seasons to be exact. It's beautiful, engaging music. Rising, cresting, falling; painting pictures in my mind as I work. Somewhere between the swirling of the fall leaves and the start of the winter snow, I'm...

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I Love Mars Hill, and I left the Church

My wife and I are in the process of changing churches and it's not because they've been involved with a sexual abuse scandal, or even because their theology is off- It's because Mars Hill, inadvertently promotes an institutional culture of silence over their failures,...

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I’m an entrepreneur, creative director and business owner at Typeset Design. I’m married to my amazing wife, Hannah, and I’m also a dad to two beautiful kids, Evelyn and Lewis. I love Jesus, my kiddo, creativity, words, and people!