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For the Loss of Religion

For all who struggle with the loss of faith, or the deconstruction of their faith. For those who struggle to love and support those deconstructing– Our Father knows, cares, and is there with you.

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5 Tips for Young Leaders & Why They Don’t Matter

5 Tips for Young Leaders & Why They Don’t Matter

I love business, and I love starting companies. When I was 16, I started a site called, Cross-Eyed Blog and Webzine. As time went on, that site merged into Latitude821, (based around Romans 8:21) and we made a strong run with a lot of great articles and even a small...

5 Ways to Spot a Healthy Church

Recent studies have shown that the American church is in decline, and America will soon follow the UK and become post-Christian (if it's not already). However, in this time, God has poured out His grace on many churches in America, and there are still people being...

Balancing Real Life and Digital Technology

Balancing Real Life and Digital Technology

It's hard keeping up with the internet. I've not posted on this blog since January 3, because it's hard to make time in my life to actually sit down and write something out, format it and get it online. I have a life away from the internet, a great accomplishment in...

Five Lies Men Believe

You've probably heard a request for men to man up recently- on someone's Facebook, maybe in person, possibly even thrown at you, and something inside you wants to respond. There is an area in your life that is affected by the request, possibly many. Yet, your heart...

3 Steps to Avoid Internet Conflict

The internet could be easily described as a minefield and nobody walks through a maze of IEDs without getting hurt, or hurting someone else. Observing the minefield doesn't just happen once, your course must be charted each and every time you plan to cross it. In your...

You Make a Useless Savior

I'll admit it freely: Guys want to fix problems. We want things to be normal. But maybe it isn't just a guy thing- don't we all want a peaceful existence? Don't we all life to go smoothly without hiccups or glitches? Call It What It Is When presented with conflict, my...

Create. Disciple. Design.

I’ve always viewed myself as a creator, long before that was ever my job description. Now, I’m hired by people to create brands that birth new companies, and concepts that birth new businesses. When I came up with the name of this blog, “creation” was something that happened when I wrote, but I think the goal here has always been to use creativity to influence, influence to connect, and connection to build new communities. Join me, you’re welcome here!

I’m an entrepreneur, creative director and business owner at Typeset Design and Block & Gray. I’m married to my amazing wife, Hannah, and I’m also a dad to two beautiful kids, Evelyn and Lewis. I love Jesus, my kiddo, creativity, words, and people!