Communication, communion between two forces and somehow, I am the bearer and recipient without being what it’s all about. God talking to God through me- the Holy Spirit working through me, for Him, on my behalf.

Prayer is not for me, but for God. It is simply I who gain the blessing of prayer, through obedience and dedication to it. Does prayer change me? Yes and no. Yes, the residual. No, in the purpose. For the moment prayer changes focus from myself to God- that is the moment that I begin to be transformed. Yet that transformation should not be my fixation.

Stepping outside the idea of prayer, we find that if we realize we are making a memory, or plan to make one, we make decisions and say things that we that we think will look good in that hindsight. “Ah! I’m making a moment!” We say to ourselves, but aren’t the best memories ones that are created organically? Cooking dinner together, going for a drive, watching a film, enjoying a sunset? They’re all natural, happening a thousand times or more.

Prayer should be much the same. A daily, hourly, minute-by-minute action, so focused on God, it stops not for a moment to consider the supernatural transformation that beings as the Holy Spirit communes with the Most High.

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