For the Loss of Religion

Father of all peoples,
You who hold the belt of Orion,
yet stoop to breathe life into dust,
begin the process of stripping the layers,
and revealing who I am beneath these scales.

It is never easy to see a friend struggle,
but let me be seen in this struggle by those outside,
with grace and gentleness,
as I navigate this painful road.

You who leaves the ninety-nine and seeks the one,
find me in this place.

In the process of losing religion,
let me lose the pretenses of holiness that masqueraded as relationship.
In the process of losing faith,
let me lose the old comfortable habits that once defined me.
In the process of deconstruction,
let me lose my sinful self, as you rebuild me new.

Oh healer of all things great and small,
heal me from the frustrations of this life.

From the brokenness of my relationships,
repair my heart.
From the disillusion and disappointment of those around me,
comfort my soul.
From the hypocrisy of those who say they are yours,
remind me of your goodness.
From the lies of religion used against me,
reveal to me your truth.

I know that you call dead men to life.
not as suggestion, but command.
At this moment, am I not a dead man?
Speak life into these bones as they are feeble.
Answer these questions as they are haunting me.
Breathe into this dust, I pray.

Author’s Note

For all who struggle with the loss of faith, or the deconstruction of their faith. For those who struggle to love and support those deconstructing– Our Father knows, cares, and is there with you.


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