A Liturgy for Common Sickness

Lord, my body is wearied,
with a reminder,
that I am a mortal man,
in a broken world.
This annoyance
exposes the underpinnings
of a dark vail that has been drawn
across my physical body—
a chain to the realm,
of death and dying.

I am not dying,
but I am reminded that this flesh
wars against your holiness
with every dark shadow,
and every passing breath.

Let this reminder cause me to pause,
(as I do pause in my daily tasks to grumble at my affliction)
and reflect that my temporary brokenness,
is equal evidence of a greater restoration,
that follows this life.

Let me wonder in my passing pain,
that creation groans,
but soon will cease groaning,
that brokenness will be healed,
that wrong will be made right,
that darkness will banish,
and newness will come,
with the melting of the cold darkness
and the warmth of His presence.

yet even now in my contemplation,
heal this your servant.


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