Note: This article was written 6 years ago when I was 18. While I still mostly agree with it, some of my language below wasn’t exactly refined. Please read the update here.

With the US economy in a spiral that can only be stopped by extreme measures, I’m pretty sure that it is a good idea to move out of country and since it’s St. Patrick’s day I figured I should also post something about Ireland rather then just posting pictures of all the Irish food I’m cooking. So here you go, my very own list of:

10 Reasons to Move to Ireland

1). Ireland is one of the only countries in the world that has kept abortion illegal. The people in Ireland are passionate about doing the right thing so they have formed large rallies and pushed to keep this standard.

2). The Irish aren’t afraid of demanding freedom. Look at the old IRA fighting for Ireland against the English. Even though they were considered terrorists they still stood up for what was right.

3). Ireland is the land of Saints and Scholars – and since it is, they don’t charge sales taxes on art or writing! This has encouraged thousands of writers to move to the green country that spawned great writers like Lewis, Swift and Goldsmith.

4). The climate in Ireland is very mild due to the warm seas of the Gulf Stream. In fact, the temperature normally stays in the range of 39 to 60 degrees. Snow is rare. However, rain is very common – again attributing to the third point: Ireland is a great place for writers (after all, we do get inspiration from rainy days).

5). Ireland has never had an earthquake! No epicenters have ever been found on the Island so there is no danger of it ever happening.

6). Homeschooling is legal in Ireland too! So you don’t have to worry about getting in trouble if you want to Homeschoool! Actually there is even a website that promotes homeschool tours of Ireland…

7). The death rate in Ireland is the lowest in the whole UK and it is positive to note that no tourists have ever been killed there.

8). The Irish love the land and are very connected to agriculture. They aren’t afraid of hard work and they love their horses!

9). The Irish are friendly. If Ireland is known for one thing it’s the fact that everyone is considered a neighbor. Fitting in wouldn’t be any problem at all.

10). Ireland is just plain cool. I mean what other country is a beautiful as Ireland and yet has the heritage to match? The Irish don’t forget history and it still plays a part in their lives today. Their culture is still set apart that they know how to respect life, not only in the fields and nature but in humans too.

I really wouldn’t mind moving to Ireland at all! Read 5 More Reasons to Move to Ireland.