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Three Valuable Lessons My Father Taught Me

I don't think any of us realize how important our fathers are, until we move away from home. I've lived on my own for about three years, but always had close access to my father, until I moved out of state last September. Calling the family up has become sort of a...

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5 Things Good Mothers Aren’t

I grew up in a stable home, and I'm grateful for the way that my parents raised me. Mom always gave me enough space to become a man, enough rules to learn responsibility and enough grace to understand just how unconditional God's love is. She also raised me...

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Thoughts on Prayer: Narcissism

Communication, communion between two forces and somehow, I am the bearer and recipient without being what it's all about. God talking to God through me- the Holy Spirit working through me, for Him, on my behalf. Prayer is not for me, but for God. It is simply I who...

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5 Reasons Why Your Debate Isn’t Helpful

Danger is part of life. I walk out of my door in the morning and risk hundreds of disasters. I could step off the curb and a car could run over me. I could step off the bus and be assaulted by any number of people. I could crash my car into any number of obstacles....

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3 Ways Christ Redeems Sinners from Porn

I moved from Chicago to Seattle in September. A new city, a new place that I wasn’t familiar with, a bunch of people I didn’t know and a brand-new church. It was a little scary, but lets just say that if you want to build genuine relationships with people, you should...

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All I Have Seen – Ralph Waldo Emerson Wallpaper

I've been working with the Resurgence and Mars Hill for over six months now, and while this has provided me with a lot of design opportunity, I've not had as much time to design simply for the pleasure of designing. This month, I took some time off and dedicated it to...

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I’m an entrepreneur, creative director and business owner at Typeset Design. I’m married to my amazing wife, Hannah and I’m also a dad to my beautiful daughter, Evelyn. I love Jesus, my kiddo, creativity, words and people!