Facebook Chronicles #2: Les Avantages Et Les Inconvénients

In which Eric uses Google to translate the phrase, “Pros and Cons.”

In the last episode of Facebook Chronicles, we determined that Facebook could be a waste of time if used incorrectly. However, we didn’t go much further into the matter. What are the Les Avantages Et Les Inconvénients of Facebook?

Fellow blogger and (amazing) illustrator, Breezy Brookshire wrote an entry back in Oct of 2009 about how she wasn’t going to be getting a Facebook account any time soon. But now she has one! In a brief interview, I was able to pick her mind a little about what prompted her change of mind:

Eric: Back in October ’09 you said you weren’t going to join Facebook. Why sign up now?

Breezy: I finally decided that I would use it glorify God and to keep up with long-distance friends.

Eric: How do you manage your time on Facebook? Have you felt yourself drawn to the computer/online since you joined?

Breezy: Many of my friends were on Facebook and warned me that it was a time-waster. Before I signed up I decided I would not play any of the games, use the chat feature, or spend much time looking at photo albums. Setting boundaries before I even sit down at the computer helps as well.

Yes, there is an extra temptation to get online. Before I joined FB I would check my blog, email, and Bloglines and it was hard not to waste time on each of those. But using FB has made me more aware of how much time I spend online in general and has made me re-think my “life online.”

Eric: In what ways has Facebook helped you grow personally?

Breezy: The Lord has used it to show me that He has given me only so much time to live and use for His glory, and I need to use it wisely. Even though I have already wasted time on FB, the realization has spurred me to take hold of my assets and honor the Lord.

Eric: What would you say are the pros of Facebook?

Breezy: Conversing with long-distance friends, finding good quotes for my quote journal, and discovering thought-provoking articles. Many of my friends are also using FB to embolden others in the Lord, so FB is generally a place of encouragement for me.

Eric: Would you recommend that others join Facebook?

Breezy: Yes and No. If you want to use FB to play games and gossip, then don’t join. But if you can use it to bless others, then go for it.

There you have it. The two sides of the coin, so to speak. I agree with Breezy, Facebook can be a huge waste of time if used incorrectly. But what about ways to use it correctly?  In this episode of Chronicles of Facebook I’ll touch on the pros and next time I’ll write about the cons.

The Pros of Facebook

-Allows me to keep in contact with long distance friends – Like Breezy said, it’s nice to be able to keep up with people, even when you’re states apart.
-Allows me to keep in contact with my business partners – I spend 75% of my time using Facebook as a business tool.
-Allows me to network with people I don’t know and create new business contacts – Creating fan pages for products or businesses allows me to alert people when I’ve got an update.
-Allows me instant feedback on my ideas and thoughts – such as finding out it’s Les Avantages Et Les Inconvénients not Avantages Et Inconvénients. (and then having five people argue about if the translation is right or wrong).

What do you think are the pros and cons of Facebook? Let me know below in the comments!


  1. -Allows me to be an encouragement to fellow rebelutionaries oceans apart.

    You forgot that one! :D

  2. Basically some of the Pros mentioned were similar to mine but generally FB allows me to be in touch with old classmates (elementary, high school & college… yay! I’m that old?!!) and see where they are now. It’s a blessing to know that some of them have gotten to know Christ throughout the years we weren’t in touch and now we can both encourage each other to reach more people for Him.

    Some classmates though have gone to the other side which is that many girls I know got pregnant etc. Basically living lawless lives which causes me to cry out for their souls.

    FB also allows me to be in touch with youth group people and other youth we’ve been in touch with on how they’re going with their walk with God. Generally younger teens who knew me from camps.


    -Games, specifically FarmVille and Mafia Wars
    I mean, can’t they farm FOR REAL instead and earn REAL money?

    I play games in Facebook but not to the extent of playing it everyday. Like GeoChallenge is really helpful in quizzing me for geography.

    -FB Chat

    Not that I don’t like to chat with friends but 5 people (out of 700+) popping up at the same time for chat is just unmanageable.

    -Peoples’ comments getting out of topic in a photo or note that I liked/commented.

    It’s just so annoying at times but I bear with patience. ;)

    -The new applications automatically posting stuff on my wall without permission.

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